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  • Specs
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    Max Laser Output Power
    70 W
  • Product Overview

    MK-CO2QG CO2 Laser Cutting Machine:

    Product description:
    The development and production of champions kay laser CO2QG CO2 laser cutting MK - carving machines have higher cutting quality, incision width is narrow, the heat affected zone small incisions, bright and clean and beautiful; Cutting speed, flexibility is high, can optional cut any graphics, the high reliability, long continuous service; Integration design, operation comfortable and convenient.
    Product use:
    Can cut sculpture leather, advertisement card, exhibition board, the building model, handicrafts, decoration, industrial parts, sample, template, door plank pressure slip mold, sacks printing plate etc, can be processed to organic glass, PVC edition, plywood, plate-making, chipboard, asbestos board, leather etc. Nonmetal sheet.
    Technical parameters:
    Laser medium: CO2
    Laser wavelength: 10.6 muon m
    Laser power: 70W
    Precision: 0.2 mm
    Biggest cut thickness:
    Organic glass: good quality under 10mm 8mm section
    Wood: hard wood 4mm soft wood 6mm PVC board: 5mm fire prevention board: 1mm
    Largest 900mmx1200mm carved wide: cutting
    Sculpture plane figures maximum speed: 30mm/SEC
    Power supply: AC50/60Hz 1500W 220V
    Computer programming control
    Graphic: usable CAD CORELDRAW scanners, etc

  • About Company

    Lasermaker Laser Company provides a set of laser processing solutions and related auxiliary equipments for domestic and foreign customers. The main products of our company include: metal marking machine, electro-chemical marking machine, laser etched machine, pneumatic marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine,lamp-pumped laser marking machine, diode laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, laser carving machine, laser welding machines, laser cutting machine, laser scribing machine, laser jet coding machine, laser filling mold machine, laser engraving machine, PCB laser drilling machine, CTP laser plate-making machine, laser resistor trimming machine, etc..