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    Max Laser Output Power
    80 W
  • Product Overview

    Basic Configuration
    Specifications: 640B/960B/1280B/1610B
    Adopting the international most advanced 64-bit high speed DSP to make the OK controller , performance greatly improved, smooth acceleration and deceleration of the S-control software designation, rapid and smothy movements , with automatic light compensation technique, the effect of cutting different places is good.
    Optical system uses the full import of professional laser lens group configuration, six sets of optional lens combination can be choosed to Installate。The controllability of flying optics is good, the wide of Aperture and the perpendicularity of cutting can be controlled very well。
    The industry's first USB data interface, support hot-pluggable, data transfer will be finished fast, engraving work does not use computer resources , taking up a balanced linear motion guide in Japan, more smooth trajectory, precision is more accurate.
    Just a computer, you can control as many engraving machine,it can save significant costs for user.
    Suitable material: cloth, leather, wool, acrylic, wood, plastic, rubber, ceramic, crystal, jade, bamboo products.
    Applicable to the industry: This type of machine is suit for clothing, leather, cloth toy, computerized embroidery cutting, electronic appliances, models, crafts, advertisement decoration, packaging and printing, paper products and other industries; for the professional users who have a high-precision requirements of carving and cutting effects .
    Laser power :70-80w
    Cutting thickness :0-25mm (Plexiglass, and other visual materials may be)
    Minimum shaping characters: Chinese character 2 * 2mm, letter 1 * 1mm
    Resolution: <0.01mm
    Power Supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50HZ
    Positioning accuracy: <0.01mm
    Hanging net lines: 90 lines
    Total power: <1000w
    Operating temperature: 0 ℃ -45 ℃
    Operating humidity :5-95% (no condensate water)
    Engraving speed :0-80000mm / min
    Cutting speed :0-36000mm / min

  • About Company

    Lasermaker Laser Company provides a set of laser processing solutions and related auxiliary equipments for domestic and foreign customers. The main products of our company include: metal marking machine, electro-chemical marking machine, laser etched machine, pneumatic marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine,lamp-pumped laser marking machine, diode laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, laser carving machine, laser welding machines, laser cutting machine, laser scribing machine, laser jet coding machine, laser filling mold machine, laser engraving machine, PCB laser drilling machine, CTP laser plate-making machine, laser resistor trimming machine, etc..