Discontinued Model
  • Product Overview

    The main characteristics of typical application
    When the average power / peak power of up to 20W/28KW, 30W/33KW,50W/50KW: all ceramic, plastic buttons, metal marking
    When the minimum weight frequency: 25KHZ ~ 50KHZ after the deep carving
    When the highest PRF as: 500 ~ 1000KHZ after scribing scribing
    After the operation mode: You peel the pulse
    After the adjustable pulse width, pulse width: (5-20ns) ~ 250ns after wafer processing
    After the maximum peak power covers the entire operating frequency range whentrimming resistor
    After the laser optical isolation -- reflecting the output solar cell slice processing
    When high reliability / repeat / stability design ITO membrane removal
    After the cooling system design
    DB25 interface control mode
    Performance parameters:
    The center wavelength: 1064 + 4nm
    The average power: 20W
    Single pulse energy: 0.5--0.6mJ
    Pulse width: (5-10) ~~250ns
    Frequency adjustment range: (35-40) ~ (500-1000) KHz
    Polarization mode: random polarization
    Beam quality: < 1.8; M
    Spot diameter: 6 ~ 9 mm
    Power stability (t >; 5

  • About Company

    Lasermaker Laser Company provides a set of laser processing solutions and related auxiliary equipments for domestic and foreign customers. The main products of our company include: metal marking machine, electro-chemical marking machine, laser etched machine, pneumatic marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine,lamp-pumped laser marking machine, diode laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, laser carving machine, laser welding machines, laser cutting machine, laser scribing machine, laser jet coding machine, laser filling mold machine, laser engraving machine, PCB laser drilling machine, CTP laser plate-making machine, laser resistor trimming machine, etc..