• Specs
    200 w
  • Product Overview

    Mould laser welding with laser welding technology of high concentrated heat from the precise site, effective treatment of Die & mould some small damaged the welding and repair work, such as: all kinds of mold part cracks, trachoma,chipping, die flying edge, edge seal tiny parts of repair, the traditional weldingirreplaceable advantages, accuracy high speed, great depth, small deformation,high strength, no stomata occur after machining, welding after grinding Cheng Guangliang surface, especially suitable for polishing requirements mold repair.Laser welding technology can make the mold abandoned to be reborn, prolong the service life of mould, greatly saves the manufacturing cost.
    The main features
    And precision welding
    Adopt the imported ceramic light gathering cavity
    Welding point of small diameter, heating range is small, after welding, does not change the thermal strain and microstructure of stomata, collapse, phenomenon,greatly reduced treatment after welding process
    And compact design, high electro-optic conversion efficiency, reached or exceeded similar foreign products
    And good cooling effect, xenon lamp service life is 2-3 times of the domestic products of the same category
    Welding spot diameter 0.2-1.5mm (adjustable), LWY200M can reach 2.0mm
    And small heat affected zone, die not deformation, discoloration, oxidation effect is very low
    Applicable materials and application field
    Suitable for precision repair, has been successfully applied in automobile,machinery manufacturing, mobile phone, glass, plastic and other fields of therubber mold, glass mold, machinery die, blanking die welding and repair.
    Suitable for mould production special stand, three-dimensional workbench,combined foot switch board.
    Technical parameters
    Model: MK-MJHJ200
    Wavelength: 1064nm
    Rated output power: 200W
    The largest single pulse impulse: 80J
    Focusing spot diameter: 0.2-2.0mm (adjustable)
    Pulse width: 0.2-20ms (adjustable)
    Pulse frequency: 1-150HZ (adjustable)
    Gas protection: 1
    Power supply: 220V 50HZ 16KW

  • About Company

    Lasermaker Laser Company provides a set of laser processing solutions and related auxiliary equipments for domestic and foreign customers. The main products of our company include: metal marking machine, electro-chemical marking machine, laser etched machine, pneumatic marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine,lamp-pumped laser marking machine, diode laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, laser carving machine, laser welding machines, laser cutting machine, laser scribing machine, laser jet coding machine, laser filling mold machine, laser engraving machine, PCB laser drilling machine, CTP laser plate-making machine, laser resistor trimming machine, etc..

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