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Type:Laser Welders
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Wattage:200 w

Product Overview

The perfect combination of mirror motion system and laser welding system.Effectively save the empty distance positioning time single point welding, increase 3 ~ 5 times than the traditional electric work station efficiency, multi point is widely used in electronic products, metal shield plate welding, can be directly arranged on the production line. Vibrating mirror and laser are controlled directly by thesoftware, drawing directly in the software, but also can be imported into DWG or PLT file.
Product features
- using high-speed scanning galvanometer
- by pulsed YAG laser
- by YAG pulse laser power supply
- xenon lamp life is 3 times more than other domestic manufacturers
Application field
Can be used in large batch production enterprises of electronic, communication,hardware and other industries the offline / online welding. The main applications include mobile phone, mobile phone shell, the metal shield metal capacitor shell,hard disk, micro motor, sensor and other related products of high efficiency laserspot welding and sealing welding.
Technical parameters
Laser wavelength: 1064 nm
Laser power: 200W
The output laser pulse width: 0.2-15mS
The laser output current: 100-400A
Vibrating mirror effective dot speed: 20 bit / sec (maximum 7000mm/s)
The welding depth: 0.05~1 mm (materials)
Welding range: 70mm * 70mm (standard) 110mm * 110mm (optional)
Repeat accuracy: + 0.005mm
Power requirements: 380V/50Hz 9KW three-phase AC power supply
System size (standard type): 550 mm * 800 mm (deep) X940 mm
Cooling device: 540 mm * 580 mm * 850 mm
Laser: 600 mm * 1400 mm * 1100 mm

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