• Specs
    450 w
  • Product Overview

    FiberStar 8600 Series micro-welding laser systems are fast, efficient, portable, fiber laser engines with fiber optic attachment for high-speed welding and cutting applications. Ideal for non-contact laser welding processes which join two similar or certain dissimilar metals together.

    FiberStar laser welding systems can produce both laser spot welds (single pulse) and laser seam welds (multi-pulse overlapping spots including hermetically sound laser seams), and continuous wave (CW) output.

  • About Company
    LaserStar Technologies Corporation

    LaserStar Technologies was founded in 1957 in Riverside, Rhode Island. In the 1990s the company became the only U.S. Manufacturer of nd:YAG micro welding laser systems. Over the years, the company has grown into a global supplier of laser sources for not only welding, but also marking, cutting, deep engraving and motion systems. The company continually strives to enhance the quality, performance and innovation of its laser products to help ensure its customers are operating at their highest potential.

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