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    function: LD-CUT-300W/500W laser cutting machine adopts the pulsed Nd: YAG solid-state laser, working medium is neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet crystal, pump source is Xe lamp. The output laser wavelength is 1,064µm, it’s infrared light without visible. Laser host adopted the metal resonator imported from Germany, used the premium grade YAG laser crystal as the work ing substance, equipped with the advanced optical system and high-quality beam focusing system, conducted the specially designed laser route, YAG laser to achieve a high power density, low-divergence angle of output, so that it can complete the cut function.
    This machine is the special equipment for metal cutting and drilling, Incision is smooth, the vertical degree is good, adapted to be cutting and drilling for stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, molybdenum and other metal materials, also have the punch and simple marking function. Numerical control programming, graphics and text can be processed at arbitrary planar. Stable and reliable machine operation, good processing quality, high efficiency, simple operation and easy maintenance.

    Application: It is widely used in machinery manufacturing, such as machine tools, transportation machinery, metallurgical machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, electrical manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, telecommunications, broadcasting and information industry, aviation, aerospace industry, petroleum, chemical industry, stone, plastic, paper and rubber products industry, etc. .
    Technological Parameter: Laser wavelength: 1.06μm
    Laser medium: Nd: YAG crystal
    Laser rated power: 300W/500W
    Pulse frequency: 1-500Hz
    Working current: 100A-450A
    Power sourcing: 380V/50HZ/100A
    Pulse width: 0-20MS
    Beam divergence angle: ≤3mrad
    Energy Instability: ≤2.5%
    Working range: X×Y×Z=1200×1200mm×100mm
    Cutting speed: 1000mm/minute (1mm thick stainless steel plate)
    Working table size: 1500mmx1500mm (optional)
    Cutting precision:  ±0.2mm 
    Setting accuracy:  ±0.02mm/300mm
    Resetting accuracy: ±0.02mm
    Cutting thickness: stainless steel≤4.5mm, carbon steel plate≤5.0mm, copper≤1.5mm, aluminum≤2mm
    Max. Input power: 16KW 
    Continuous working time:   24 hours    
    Minimum kerf width: ≤0.1mm
    Focal length of Focus Lens:  100mm

  • About Company

    Wuhan Lead Laser Co.,Ltd is one of the High-tech Industries located in Optics Valley of China, Wuhan City and engaged in laser equipments more than 10 years. Currently, our laser machines got CE certificate and gained many patents. Moreover, we own two more factories in China to produce all kinds of crystals and LED bases Now our products have not only satisfied the requirements from the domestic customers, but also sold far to the overseas countries. Our products include all kinds of laser equipments, photo crystal machine, 2D-3D software, 3D camera, crystal, LED base etc. We will support you most competitive price and patient technical guide. For more information, please contact Wuhan Lead Laser Co.,Ltd directly as follows: Contact Person: Michelle Email/MSN: 785762009(at)qq.com Skype: leadlaser4 Mobile: +86 15871768028

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