SIRIO 6.8.8
Discontinued Model
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    The Leitz Sirio measuring robot is designed for fast inspection within a harsh production environment.

    Unlike most other flexible gauges, Sirio does not require an air conditioned housing. Twenty eight integrated temperature sensors compensate thermal machine distortions in real time. Due to this unique technology the Leitz Sirio keeps its accuracy specifications within a large temperature range of 15 - 40°C.

    The Leitz Sirio 3D Measuring Machine with its high throughput rating, facilitates process control in production lines. Complex workpieces such as engine blocks or gear boxes can be accurately inspected and evaluated.

  • About Company
    Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB

    hexagon metrology nordic ab (hmn) is a part of hexagon measurement technologies. with four measuring centers in sweden (eskilstuna, göteborg, trollhättan och stockholm) and a network of seven agents/distributors in the nordic countries, is hmn by far the strongest and biggest supplier of measurement services. we market co-ordinate measuring machines, portable measuring arms, portable 3d metrology products and hand gauges. hmn also runs service, calibration, training, applications and production-measuring systems into line with customer needs within the nordic countries. we marketing among others following brands: ce johansson, dea, cognitens, leitz, leica geosystems, romer, sheffield, tesa and pc-dmis.