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Type:Roll Lathes
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Swing:70.87 "

Product Overview

ITEM LAM - 1800
CAPACITY  Swing over bed 1800 mm
 Swing over saddle 1390 mm
 Distance between center 3000 ~ 15000 mm
HEADSTOCK  No. of spindle speed 12 steps
 Spindle bore diameter Ø 9”  ~  Ø 30”
 Spindle speed 3 ~ 400 rpm
CARRIAGE  X-axis travel 1150 mm
 Compound tool rest travel 400 mm  ( Auto feeding )
 Cutting tool size ☐ 50 x 50 mm
TAILSTOCK  Tailstock quill diameter Ø 300 mm  ( Rotary mandrel )
 Tailstock quill travel 300 mm
 Tailstock quill taper Metric - 80
THREADS  Lead screw diameter Ø 50mm x 2 TPI
 Threading range, metric 2 ~ 30 mm/pitch     44 kinds
 Threading range, inch 1 ~ 15 TPI              42 kinds
 Module pitch threads 1 ~ 15 M.P.             32 kinds
 Diametric pitch threads 2 ~ 30 D.P.             48 kinds
MOTOR  Main spindle motor 60 HP
 Rapid motor 2 HP
 Coolant pump 1 HP
 Lubrication pump 12 W


To Made in Your Needs, LIJEHON research & develop lathe machine continually. In order to match your requirements, we would like to and be able to develop the new model in a short time. LIJEHON was established in January 1999, and all of our engineers have over 20 years experience in turning lathe field. If you need any special function lathe, we would like to provide professional turning service. Based on the parts processing requirement by our client, we have designed multi function equipment, full-automatic and labor-saved chuck, jig & fixture, transportation or movement unit and machine, etc. Pursuing Perfection, insisting Quality, Upgrading production, & providing Quickly Service are the top target of LIJEHON. We thank all of our customers and sincerely hope that you can unceasingly support and recommend our lathe machines to your friends in the machine field.


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