• Specs
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    6.6 lb
    Horizontal Reach
    2.953 "
    Vertical Reach
    23.62 "
  • Product Overview

    Mode LA-600FJ
    I.M.M.rarIge(T) 50-150T
    Vertical stroke(mm) 600
    Crosswise stroke(MM) 75
    Swing AngLe() 50-90
    Minimumtaketime(sec.) 0.7
    Dry cycle time(sec.) 7
    Max load(Kg) 3
    Air consumption(nl/cycle) 5.2
    Air power(MPa) 0.6-0.8
    Workingd air pressure(MPa) 0.5
    Power AC220V,±10%50/60HZ
    Net weight(Kg) 30
    L×W xH(mm) 850*280*1200

    Horizontal rotation mechanism
    The rotation mechanism is convenient to adjust when the placement direction is changed, only by adjusting the screw. With the rotation mechanism, the fixture can rotate 90° and places the finished product.

    Mold change adjusting mechanism
    The fixed handle needs to be loosened during mold change. The mechanism can rotate 90° to improve the mold change efficiency.

    Fixture loop
    1. The single function type can only clamp a water gap, and does not have an absorption function.

    Arm structure
    1. The light-weight and high-rigidity aluminum alloy structure beam is matched with a linear bearing and a high-rigidity bearing steel guide rail.
    2. Light structure, good wear resistance, no deformation, small vibration, long service life
    3. All-mechanical aluminum alloy structure

  • About Company
    Ningbo Lijiang  Robot Technology Co., Ltd.

    Ningbo Li Jiang Robot Technology Co.,Ltd is a Hi-Tech company which produces robot arms specially for plastic injection molding machines. Li Jiang was founded in the year of 2007, with our own innovative research and development and has accumulated in own technically advanced product range.

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