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    The APEX™ 2100 Controller is a fully integrated and synchronized system for controlling mechanical oscillation, torch height control (AVC) and wire and gas delivery. With the weld data delivered between the control and pendant instantly, the operator has immediate access to monitor, adjust and control weld parameters throughout the welding process. Simple menus for operation and intuitive controls allow the user to easily operate the system and produce consistent welds for a wide range of applications. The controller is designed to be quickly serviced in a production environment and to withstand harsh environmental factors.

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    Lincoln Electric Company

    Lincoln Electric provides advanced welding and cutting technologies to the world’s major industries – transportation, construction, fabrication, petrochemical and others. the company designs and manufactures arc welding products, robotic welding systems, plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment and is the industry’s world leader.the best known and most complete welding resource in the world, lincoln electric is the industry leader in equipment, consumables and application expertise – and it sets the standard for innovation, customer service, distributor partnerships and manufacturing.

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