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    0.9 hp
    235 (KGS)
  • Product Overview

    Detex is a flat bed coolant filter, using non-woven tissue for eliminating magnetic and non- magnetic particles from neat oil and emulsion. Filtration degree can be determined by the choice of the tissue, ranging from 10 to 50 micron, granting the highest level of filtration. Detex is available in 7 models, with a flowrate capacity from 50 to 400 l/min of emulsion and from 25 to 200 l/min of neat oil.

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  • About Company

    Losma range of products includes two different lines, one for air treatment and the other for the filtration of liquid lubricants and coolants. A full, modular and customisable range capable to respond to all needs deriving from the use of machine tools.

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