• Product Overview

    The LOXIN UHF is offered in two possible configurations: FIXED or MOVABLE. The use of this jig will result on a seven axes machine configuration, adding U and W axes.
    The vacuum cups are LOXIN proprietary technology, including a magnet system which allows for maximum inclination.
    Currently two sizes cups are available depending on diameter (Ø60 mm and Ø100 mm).
    The maximum stroke available is 740 mm and Z accuracy ±0.08 mm.

  • About Company

    The company was founded by a group of experts engineers devoted for more than 25 years to the design and manufacturing of High Technology Machine Tools. Its knowledge and experience on the Mechanical Industry sectors allows them to understand the important opportunities that could represent offering customised High Technology solutions to some very demanding sectors as the Aeronautics and Railways were at that moment. Thus, the company was devoted to the design and manufacturing of large Machine Tools for different purposes and applications. Anyway, the premises were centred all the time on providing very high level of Engineering (Mechanical and Software solutions) and Technology (advanced CNC applications, Electronic Tool Management and Parallel Kynematic Machines).

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