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    800 W
    11.81 "
    19.61 "
  • Product Overview

    1.This machine is designed to conveniently remove broken taps, bolts, drills, etc, The size range is M2 to M48 (M2 - M30 for EDM8C model);
    2.This machine works by Spark Erosion principle, electrode size is half of the broken tap size, no contact with the work piece, then no damage to work piece.
    3.This machine has a submersible pump that provide the dielectric (Tap water) to the work area, it could remove the disintegrated particles from the work piece to improve the burn time;
    4.There is a vibration function that quite improve the processing time;
    5.With its small size and light weight, it has special superiority for processing on large size work piece. Separated work head could rotate in any direction, very helpful for complex machining.
    6.Automation: Auto feed; Depth setting (stop at a specific depth); Alarm and auto retract.
    Portable EDM Specification
    Name ----------------------- Broken tap remover EDM-8C
    Input Voltage (V)-------------- AC220V /110V
    Secondary Output Voltage (V)--- 10-70
    Electrode Diameter Range------- 1-10mm
    Max Travel of working head (mm)- 70mm
    Max Processing Speed(mm/ min)--- 1mm/min
    Working Liquid ---------------- Tap water
    Power Frequency --------------- 50Hz
    Remove Taps Sizes(mm)----------- M2-M30
    Machine Size (L*W*H mm) -------- 380*160*300mm
    Package size ------------------- 498*308*392mm
    Net weight(KG) ---------------- 16KG
    Gross weight ----------------- 18KG

    Model Brochure (1.02 MB)

  • About Company
    Xincheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Luoyang Xincheng Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd has a professional team of producing portable EDM Broken Tap Remover Machines. Got any problem in processing? Anything bothered you about removing the broken taps, broken drills, broken screws, broken bolts? Do you want to process some holes or marks on hard materials? Please feel free to contact us. We would do our best to help you!

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