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Type:EDM Broken Tap Remover


Power:3,000 W

Product Overview

Portable edm description:
1.Small size, light weight, convenient to operate,especially suitable for large size work piece;
2.Electro eroding principle,no direct contact, no damage to work piece;
3.Magnetic base, easily to attract on the small and large workpiece;
4.Cooling fan installed, the machine could continuly work for 24 hours;
5.Separated work head design, helpful for complex machining;
6.Alarm automatically for preset depth;
7.Vibrate motor made the working speed increased by 2-3 times;
8.Tap water as working liquid, moderate power consumption;
9.Wide processing range, remove broken taps and bolts sized φ2mm to φ48mm.

Portable edm specification:
Name ----------------------- Portable EDM SFX-4000B
Input Voltage (V)-------------- AC220V/110V 50/60Hz
Secondary Output Voltage (V)--- 10-70
Electrode Diameter Range------- 2-24mm
Max Travel of working head (mm)- 70mm
Max Processing Speed(mm/ min)--- 2mm/min
Working Liquid ---------------- Tap water
Power Frequency --------------- 50Hz
Remove Taps Sizes(mm)----------- From M2 to M48
Machine Size (L*W*H mm) -------- 420*220*370mm
Package size ------------------- 528*325*460mm
Net weight(KG) ---------------- 24KG
Gross weight ----------------- 26KG

Model Brochure (1.02 MB)
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