• Specs
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    2,500 T
    36 "
    36 "
    Bed Width
    52 "
    Bed Length
    102 "
  • About Company
    Macrodyne Technologies Inc.

    Macrodyne has established a world wide reputation for quality, innovation and value for the supply of hydraulic presses, press lines and die handling equipment including automated die storage and retrieval systems and ancillary press line equipment for systems requiring more than 10,000 tons of press capacity. Single-acting, double-acting and triple-acting Metalforming deep draw presses are some of our specialties, however we also manufacture hydraulic presses that handle materials other than metal such as; Plastic, Composite, Wood, Rubber and Laminate. Macrodyne hydraulic presses are built to facilitate many different manufacturing applications. The presses we manufacture include; metalworking presses, hydraulic compression molding presses, hydroforming presses, die spotting presses, RIM presses, mold presses, trim presses, transfer presses, coining presses, rubber pad presses, elastoforming presses and hydraulic stamping and forging presses.

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