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    LCT 521 is equipped with:

    no. 1 CALIBRATING MANDREL to gauge thickness at an adjustable depth (max 6 cm). This mandrel can be adjusted both transversely and longitudinally with respect to the tool axle. Moreover it can be rotated from 0° to 90°, and can also be used to carry out housings for the dripstone; for Ø 250 mm tools.

    no. 2 OPPOSED MANDRELS INCLINED AT 45° for chamfers and/or bevels of various dimensions. If you need to carry out round profiled edges, these mandrels, thanks to proper conicaltruncated diamond wheels, greatly help the following shaping of the oscillating mandrels that mill edges; for Ø 130 mm wheels.

    no. 5 OSCILLATING POLISHING MANDRELS, with hydraulic motors and pneumatic actioning. The first one equipped with a FEELER-PIN to carry out self shaped profiles by the use of a cup shaped diamond wheels for 15mm and 25 mm radius; for Ø 130 mm wheels. - See more at:

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