Discontinued Model
CNC (ESA S525)
  • Specs
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    Max Thickness
    0.2362 "
    Length of Blade
    10.5 '
    Back Gauges
    36.02 "
    10.1 hp
    45 spm
    CNC (ESA S525)
  • Product Overview

    Heavy-duty mono-block type, welded frame and three-points roller guards construction are optimized by computer-aided engineering to guarantee maximum rigidity.
    Italian controlling system S525 controls the backgauge, shearing stroke, angle and the clearance between the upper and lower blades together the number of workpieces accurately.
    The shearing angle can be easily adjusted through auto-program, decreasing the deflection of workpiece.
    The stroke of blades mounting can be adjusted automatically to realize the quick and accurate shear of small workpiece and to increase the work efficiency.
    The shearing blades with four edges extend their service lives.
    The high speed and large lead backgauge of linear guideway and ballscrew feature the speed which is up to 200vmm/s, and the maximum stroke of backgauge can realize 1000mm.
    The system can adjust the clearance between the upper and lower blades automatically according to the difference of thickness and material of the plate and improve shearing quality.
    The integrated hydraulic system from BOSCH decreases the pipe connection and eliminates the oil leakage, meanwhile, increases the stability and beautifies the appearance

  • About Company
    Masteel CNC Machine Tool Ltd.

    MASTEEL is the one of the brilliant and reputable emerging companies in the changing market of machine tools and forming machines , dedicated to manufacture and supply the excellent CNC productions such as press brakes , shears,tube bending machines,lathes,redial drilling machines,etc. all the time in Canada and China. Innovations from MASTEEL are setting new trends from machine tools, to electrical and mechanical technology. MASTEEL is opening up new and more productive possibilites for users. MASTEEL is distinctive for its development of new procedures and powerful machines, quick translation of technical concepts into user-oriented innovations, high standards of quality and reliable customer service. MASTEEL will continue to enhance and improve the existing products while developing the new ones which will bring satisfaction to customers, succession to dealers and continuous guide light to the whole sector of Machine Tool Industry. The investment you make in MASTEEL CNC machine will be your first step to join MASTEEL's family where you will get superior after sales support and customer training, innovative research and technical expertise, quality innovation and prestige that fulfill your expectation today and tomorrow. MASTEEL is pleased to invite you to consider our products which you may find personalized value added solutions to your projects. We are committed to your satisfaction!