MC MC 6500L

MC 6500L
Discontinued Model
  • Specs
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    Bar Capacity
    1.772 "
    Turning Dia
    9.449 "
    18.5 "
    Machining Length
    18.19 "
  • Product Overview

    MODEL MC 6500L
    Swing over bed 470 mm
    Swing ober saddle 360 mm
    Max. turning diameter 240 mm
    Max. turning length 462 mm
    Max. distance between centers 600 mm
    Spindle nose type A-5 ASA
    Chuck size 6 Inch

    Hole through spindle 56 Mm
    Spindle speed 6000 rpm
    Spindle horsepower 7.5/11 kW
    Spindle accuracy 0.003 mm
    Bar capacity 45 mm
    Z-axis travel 500 mm
    X-axis travel 185 mm
    Z-axis rapid traverse rate 20 M/ mm
    X-axis rapid traverse rate 20 M/ mm
    Number of tool station 12 T
    Tool size 20X20 mm
    Boring tool size 32 mm
    Tailstock travel 500 mm
    Quill travel 80 mm
    Quill diameter 70 mm
    Quill taper 4 MT
    Quill drive Hydraulic
    Tailstock positioning Manual
    Machine dimensions(LxWxH) 2.6X1.62X1.85 M

    The slant bed structure requires less space occupation while allowing for efficient chip removal
    Linear ways on X, Z-axis combined with large span between ways provide high feed rate and outstanding stability.
    The base is ruggedly constructed for greater stability and rigidity, which combined with special rib reinforcement. It exhibits exceptional dynamic stability especially in heavy cutting.
    All structured parts are manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron, tempered and stress relieved to ensure no deformation for years.

  • About Company

    MIKE MACHINE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is an innovative and experienced CNC Lathe specialist in Taiwan. Main Products -CNC Lathe of Ball Making Machine (line rail / roller) -Slant Bed CNC Lathe (linear ways / box ways) -Frame Machine (linear ways / box ways) Ball Making Machine is our most popular product which is extended from a traditional lathe. It comes with the following advantages: - Can be used for a general purpose and ball making - All structured parts are made of high quality Meehanite cast iron, tempered and stress relieved to ensure no deformation for years - The processing of ball type has an accuracy up to 0.01mm within - It's ergonomic design means that workpiece clamping distance is 90 cm from the ground. Because of this, the worker doesn’t feel tired during working long hours - The spindle chuck only needs 1KG of power to clamp the pieces, so it would not make the workpieces be deformed. - The sheet metal of machine cover is 2.3mm of thickness, it can support two adult’s weight - It has increased operating space and a large door to emit shavings - Wide-open water tank for storing more cutting fluid which can improve cooling capability and further reduce tool wear - Easy maintenance and cleaning Thanks for your kind attention. Should you have any questions or need detailed product information, please feel free to contact me!