• Specs
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    1 hp
    Max RPM
    2,100 RPM
    40" x 35" x 58"H
    620 (LBS)
  • Product Overview

    The Model #750 McLean Lathe is a 3-axis production machine. This unit finds it's place in the job shop or production plant where several different jobs will be run on it. You may find that some of the simpler jobs you have run on your CNC lathe could be run more economically on a McLean #750 and let the CNC lathe do the more difficult jobs. Replace the standard Tail Slide with the optional Heavy Duty Box & "L" #10-550 Tail Slide and increase the flexibility to include internal O-ring grooves and internal contours with form tools. Also, the relieving action can be used to eliminate withdrawal marks. The controller has No cams or tapes, and it's not a computer that requires programming.

  • About Company
    McLean Inc.

    mclean incorporated started as a specialized machine tool builder in 1964. as a result of designing automated tooling for the metalworking industry, mclean incorporated developed a very reasonably priced machine tool to fit the needs of our customers high production turning and milling applications. mclean incorporated's products include production lathes and dovetail slides. mclean incorporated also offers machining and assembly services.

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