• Product Overview

    The asterEVO book sewing machine features a modern rounded-off design both from the front and the rear side, additionally a compact electrical cabinet fits nicely on the machine frame. The front guard automatically slides open making easy to overview operations.

    New design 2+2 opening head incorporates the lap opener, a programmable device for mechanical opening of signatures with high and low folio lap anywhere in the book.

    Already appreciated in the top of aster range book sewing machines, asterEVO features the possibility to program the height of the accelerator wheel to suit the thickness of each signature individually. The wheel speed automatically adjust to the running speed of the machine.

    The heart of the sewing machine is still the sewing saddle that is 100% controlled by a camshaft running in sealed oil-filled compartment (cam box).

    As an option the staggered stitch is available.

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