• Product Overview

    AsterPRO book sewing machine incorporates all the cutting-edge technology introduced by MECCANOTECNICA for automatic book sewing.

    The new active thread cutting system, computer controlled, allows a precise cutting action without pulling the thread, thus avoiding tearing of signature spine.

    The new 440mm spine allows to handle books such as A5 two-up and untrimmed A3. While the new 520mm (asterPRO/52) opens new opportunities for multiples-up books or oversize production.
    A double signature extracting gripper has been added to make it easier to extract large sizes, even when using lightweight paper or floppy signatures. Moreover, the new four transport belts at the infeed guarantee soother transport of larger signatures.

    The switch between normal and staggered stitch (OPTION) is now computer controlled. In addition, a special device turns the hook needle slightly left or right in order to avoid excess accumulation of thread (looping) while running with staggered stitch.

    As an option, AsterPRO book sewing machine can be equipped with super automatic size change. The main component of this feature is the self-learning function; by machine starting the unit automatically recognizes the signature size. Consequently it automatically performs the sets-up of: the opening head, the transport system, the accelerator wheel, the signature registering device, the punch needles (exclusive feature), the book side knives and the delivery table. This option is particularly appreciated when change over time has to be reduced to the very minimum.

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