• Product Overview

    AsterTOP book sewing machine features three new cam boxes that have been redisegned and boosted: the two sewing drives now incorporates the extractor bar cam, while the feeder box integrates the hold down finger cam.
    These devices minimize vibrations and maintenance despite high output speed.

    The secret of this model is increasing the speed by lowering paper stress. This has been achieved thanks to a new driving system, a new feeder squaring station and particularly by lowering the feeder speed and reducing the head register transfer.

    New sewing pattern with 19mm stitches and 28mm gap between them, virtually allows all the jobs to be properly sewn along the spine and, at the same time, it avoids removing unwanted punch needles.

    The signature extractor bar is of the latest technology: made of carbon fibre and it automatically adjust according to signature size. Furthermore it stays fix in place regardless of signature size, thus reducing operator settings.

    Keeping firmly in mind to handle books up to 320x230mm, our designers succeeded in the task to increase machine speed but lowering paper stress. The secret has been to minimally reduce the signature transfer speed in critical area like the feeder and to trim down the paper acceleration in area like sewing register.

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