• Specs
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    Marking Area
    0.9843 "
    Marking Area
    6.299 "
  • Product Overview

    Models: U-Model, Benchtop, Portable, Combo

    The patented design of the MC2000 SuperFast enables you to achieve marking times that surpass traditional stamping technologies. Traditional stamping, via a carbide pin mounted on a XY linear system, produces lower resolution marks as it traverses slowly to indent at fixed dot locations.

    The SuperFast features Vibra Peen™ technology that pulses the pin 80 times per second, which allows you to trace a solid character and results in a high quality mark similar to an engraving. By combining Vibra Peen™ technology with the patented Y axis pivot system of the MC2000 SuperFast, manufacturers are able to achieve higher quality marks in half the time.

  • About Company

    Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, MECCO has been leading the way in industrial product marking and identification systems since 1889. Throughout the evolution of new marking techniques, MECCO has helped our customers determine the best technology for their application. We bring expertise to every project, which is the result of 125 years of knowledge on part marking methods and equipment, data matrix codes and scanners, and software programming and integration for system performance optimization.

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