• Product Overview

    SOLO TWIN is based on the proven and patented SOLO technology but offers a further expanded application area.

    SOLO TWIN offers high efficiency and ease-of-use - simply point the camera and measure anything inside the field-of-view. Using new software and calibration techniques, Metronor has been able to add a second camera that doubles the system’s field of view to 70 by 32 degrees. The two cameras of SOLO TWIN work as one seamless unit retaining all of SOLO’s efficiency and ease-of-use benefits.

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  • About Company
    Metronor AS

    metronor has manufactured and delivered portable systems for geometric quality control and tool building since 1992. the headquarter offices are located just outside of oslo, norway with subsidiaries in paris, france and seattle in the usa. metronor is a recognized world leader in supplying large volume, high precision transportable coordinate measurement machine (cmm) technology to the aerospace and automotive industries.

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