• Product Overview

    The “KALAMIT” series of magnetic separator for machine tool coolants is an economical choice. This "Green" filter requires no replacement filter media and can be helpful in reclaiming valuable ferrous metal solids.

    The KALAMIT (Magnetic) filter separates magnetic particles from water based coolants and whole oils and can be used with oils up to a maximum viscosity of 20° cSt at 100°F (40°C). Filtration capacity is for flow ranges from 8 - 105.6 gpm (30 to 500 lt/min).

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  • About Company
    Micronfilter USA

    MicronfilterUSA manufactures a full line of mist collector and coolant filter for machine tools. Our mist collector product line includes a centrifugal style collector which features a unique heavy duty turbine blade which is dynamically balanced, an electrostatic style mist collector for heavy smoke applications, a NEW truly unique mist collector named the KUBE which includes a pre filter built in to remove slugs of liquid or metal chips, a portable mist collector that can be shared around the shop and a large central system collector.

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