• Specs
    143 (LBS)
  • Product Overview

    OIL CLEAN - Cartridge Style Coolant filter product is used to filter any solid particulate material present in suspension from machine tool coolant. The OIL CLEAN - Cartridge Style Coolant filter product works on a side stream "Kidney loop" arrangement constantly filtering the coolant and removing solid material.

    By utilizing the constant filtration method, the machine tool coolant tanks remain clean and extend the life of your coolants. By extending the life of your coolants the customer will gain an immediate financial benefit and in the long term will lower disposal costs, tool life and improve part quality.

    The OIL CLEAN filter system meets or exceeds the filtration requirements of the majority of machine tools, including machines for electrical discharge machining.

  • About Company
    Micronfilter USA

    MicronfilterUSA manufactures a full line of mist collector and coolant filter for machine tools. Our mist collector product line includes a centrifugal style collector which features a unique heavy duty turbine blade which is dynamically balanced, an electrostatic style mist collector for heavy smoke applications, a NEW truly unique mist collector named the KUBE which includes a pre filter built in to remove slugs of liquid or metal chips, a portable mist collector that can be shared around the shop and a large central system collector.

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