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    The Multistar LX-24 with 24 work stations and up to 44 working spindles ensures a smooth mass production. With the Multistar LX-24, parts can be machined from below and above or from the side. Other additional features are the 24 intermediate stations, which allow measurement, monitoring and cleaning procedures during the same run.

    A highly unique system! Up to 600 simple workpieces can be produced per minute. Separating the work fields doubles, triples or quadruples the production rate at the same high processing speed. This same parallel concept enables complete production of different workpieces is possible within a single run.

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    Mikron Holding AG

    mikron machining technology is a leading supplier of machining systems for complex parts up to the size of one cubic decimeter with extremely high requirements in terms of precision and output. the division has a turnover of about 200 millions chf and employs a staff of 650. the headquarter of the division is located in agno ti (switzerland) where the multifactor, multistar and multifast are assembled. the assembly of the productline multistep is in rottweil (south germany).~~branch operations and a supporting network ensure global presence.

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