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MINSTER MS-20-14-7

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Type:Flat & Shape Straighteners


Max Width of Workpiece:14 "
Max Thickness of Workpiece:0.24 "
Nidec Minster Corporation

About Nidec Minster Corporation

Nidec Minster Corporation is a world-class supplier of equipment and services for the material forming industry. Minster provides our industry with single source, total solutions including: mechanical power presses; feeds; straighteners; reels; coil cars; die transfer tables; press controls; training programs; production monitoring systems; inspection services; preventative maintenance services; remanufacturing services; technical consulting services; press relocation services and a host of other products and programs designed specifically for the material forming market.

MINSTER MS-20-14-7

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New Jersey
United States
$19,500.00 USD

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Minster Machine GmbH
15 Lechbrucker Straße
Halblech 87642