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MINSTER P2-200-60-44

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Type:High Speed Production Presses


Tonnage:200 T
Stroke:6 "
Shut Height:24 "
Bed W:44 "
Bed L:60 "
SPM:45-90 VSPM
Dimensions:Approx. 94" x 130" x 186"
Nidec Minster Corporation

About Nidec Minster Corporation

The Minster Machine Company is a world-class supplier of equipment and services for the material forming industry providing single source total solutions for manufacturing equipment and services. The company began as a blacksmith shop in 1896 and has since grown to be the world's premier manufacturer of precise, productive and dependable equipment. Spirited and dedicated employees stand behind the same principle that has guided the company for 113 years -- a commitment to delivering integrity, quality and value to the customer. Today, Minster presses and material handling equipment are in production in over 79 countries around the world. A well-deserved reputation for extreme quality and rugged dependability makes Minster the obvious choice of leading-edge, productive stampers the world over.

MINSTER P2-200-60-44

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Minster Machine Company
Lazaro Cardenas 204
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Lancaster, Massachusetts 01523
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