• Specs
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    Max Cutting Length
    102.4 "
  • Product Overview

    Model MTBK260
    Gross weight 2500kg
    Workbench size 2600MM
    Machine length 4630MM
    Pressure 6kg/cm2
    Power supply 380V
    output power 7.5KW
    Slot saw power 0.75KW
    Tractive power 1.1KW
    Thickness ≤80MM
    Height 2440MM
    Speed 3-30M/min
    Precision ±0.20MM/2440MM
    Structure PLC programmed electrocircuit
    Tractive mode chain or steel wire
    Code of speed-adjusting frequency conversion
    Transit rail roller (or plane)
    Code of transit manual
    Specification of major saw Outer diameter Φ350MMInner diameter Φ75MMThickness Φ3.5MM
    Specification of grooving saw Outer diameter Φ160MMInner diameter Φ50MMThickness Φ3.3MM-4.3MM
    Rotate speed major saw≈5000times/min.grooving saw≈7000times/min.
    The above data is for reference. Any modification is subject to the real products

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