• Product Overview

    AS/RS SH for heavy goods and long goods is useful in various environments such as sheet-metal processing plants, wood processing plants, production sites, distribution centers for goods like carpets and printing material roll storage facilities. This system is required for goods that cannot be stacked or hard to handle due to "heavy weight, large size, long length or hard-to-carry conditions.

  • About Company
    Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

    Murata Machinery USA, Inc. is a world leader in machine tool technology, automated material handling systems, clean room automation and textile machinery. The Muratec brand is synonymous with industrial automation and reliability across our extensive product line. Murata Machinery, USA Inc. provides globally-advanced solutions, tailored to the needs of the North American manufacturer. Each of our solutions uses time-tested technology and is customized at our Charlotte, NC office providing our customers with turnkey solutions to meet their exact needs.

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