• Specs
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    1 T
    Lift Height
    165.4 "
  • Product Overview

    The Premex SLX is a practical unmanned forklift that is compatible with mobile rack and pallet rack transfer. It features a lifting height of 4.2 meters and is able to move in small spaces at a travel speed of up to 90 m/min.

    Using Murata’s new SLAM Navigation enables the optimum route to the target destination to be selected and followed automatically. Easy map creation minimizes additional construction and is compatible with layout changes making introduction of new facilities easy.

  • About Company

    Murata is the fourth-largest installer of automated material handling systems in the world. The majority of our business stems from referrals from satisfied customers. Our Muratec brand has been installed in 11,000 systems, including approximately 24,000 storage/retrieval cranes, 6,000 automated guided vehicles, and system control on nearly every operation platform. Since 1962, Muratec has reduced manufacturing costs and improved quality through the use of automated material handling. Muratec systems are known for their reliability and ease of maintenance. Quality and reliability are our focus and we apply precise detail in design, fabrication, installation and personal service.

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