N. FERRARA 2187/4SH-75-5TR-V-R ID#29=0107

2187/4SH-75-5TR-V-R ID#29=0107
Discontinued Model
  • Specs
    120"L x 84"W x 80"H
    6500 lbs.
  • Product Overview

    Material: Gold, Silver, Steel, Brass, Wire Mesh, Copper, Traverse Winder: 203,000' Cap. Max., Starting Width: 3'' Maximum, Thickness Range:
    .012"Wide min 0.002''/0.020'', Weight Capacity: 90 lbs Maximum per coiler, Speed Range: 0-500 F.P.M., Volts: 220, PH: 3, CY: 60

    Uncoiler with plates, capable of handling up to 1000 lbs. by 12" wide coils. The unit will be welded of structural steel.

    Felt faced wipers, fully adjustable guide.

    Assembly includes precision ground 2.187 diameter by 4" long alloy steel arbor. High precision, anti-friction roller bearings are proportioned to take loads in excess of normal requirements and provide zero end float.

    Housing frame of steel in triple arrangement for maximum precision. Arbor parallelism is not disturbed when the outboard is removed for set up purposes.

    Ring set up with two rolls for bottom and two rolls for top.

    5 Traverse winder recoiler with load cell

    Rated for 90 lbs. each by 4" wide coil. It is mounted to the base extension of the machine and maintains perfect alignment between recoiler shaft and slitter head assembly. Recoiler shaft is keyed and complete with clutch drum. Stand installation comprising a welded steel "L" shape base of heavy plate construction enclose the drive chain, the slitter head and uncoiler/recoiler assembly.

    The Scrap Winder will be mounted on same slitter base.

    40 HP motor with gear reducer complete with electrical system, push button, plus emergency stop.

  • About Company
    N. Ferrara Inc.

    Founded over 30 years ago N. Ferrara Inc. is an international leader in developing and manufacturing of machinery for the Metal Processing Industry. Our in depth knowledge in metallurgical science and mechanical engineering combined with comprehensive experience in manufacturing machinery gives us the ability to produce a highly efficient product for every facet in the metal processing Industry. We strive to produce the highest quality American made equipment and machinery for our customers so they may generate efficient metal processing production at their facility for the ferrous, non ferrous, superconductive and exotic materials.