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Still looking for a N. FERRARA 8-10-3500/2HI-4HI-B-F-DR1200-REV-V-CRM228-0606? It's available for sale used on, or try posting a Wanted to source our extensive network and find what you're looking for.

N. FERRARA 8-10-3500/2HI-4HI-B-F-DR1200-REV-V-CRM228-0606

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Type:Rolling Mills


Dimensions:86''W x 132''L x 120''H
Weight:16,000 lbs. (7,273Kg)
N. Ferrara Inc.

About N. Ferrara Inc.

Founded over 30 years ago N. Ferrara Inc. is an international leader in developing and manufacturing of machinery for the Metal Processing Industry. Our in depth knowledge in metallurgical science and mechanical engineering combined with comprehensive experience in manufacturing machinery gives us the ability to produce a highly efficient product for every facet in the metal processing Industry. We strive to produce the highest quality American made equipment and machinery for our customers so they may generate efficient metal processing production at their facility for the ferrous, non ferrous, superconductive and exotic materials.

N. FERRARA 8-10-3500/2HI-4HI-B-F-DR1200-REV-V-CRM228-0606

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