NELL HK 2000

  • Product Overview

    This combined grinding- and polishing strip grinding machine does consist of only two grinding- and two polishing stations. By using the plunge grinding technology together with CBN profiled grinding wheels and profiled polishing wheels the machine is capable to make the profiles of the different numbers of standard sclapel blades nos. 12 – 24. Finally the blades are separated from the strip by using the build on blade breaking machine.

  • About Company
    Heinz Berger Maschinenfabrik Gmbh & CO.KG | Berger Gruppe GmbH

    For more than 70 years, BERGER has been building grinding and polishing machines which are designed specifically for the demands of the cutlery and hand tool manufacturing industry, but also for utilization in other branches of metalworking.

This Item is No Longer Made

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