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Type:Straight Side Presses


Tonnage:330.693 T
Stroke:11.81 "
Shut Height:21.65 "
SPM:35 spm
Vari Speed (Yes/No):Yes
Bed W:39.37 "
Bed L:98.43 "
Ningbo Yiduan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

About Ningbo Yiduan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Ningbo YIDUAN Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. ,located in Ningbo Technical Development Zone,is only 5km away from Ningbo seaport and 39km to international airport.The company is specializing in the production of high-speed precision presses(15T-500T) with viarous improved testers and a strict quality management system.For ensuring our advanced and reliable products, YIDUAN always emphasizes the quality policy, enhances the staff's quality awareness and operation capacity.Also we have strong adaptivity for market demand by using the enterprise information management system(ERP,PDM,CAM and etc).Based on superior location and gradual perfection of management system, YIDUAN is anixous for exploiting the market.we are commit ourself to serve customers with the highest quality,technology and the best performance.