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Type:Bevel Gear Generators
Control:CNC (Fanuc)


Max Dia. Gear:12.6 "
Control:CNC (Fanuc)
Dimensions:177"L x 137"W x 120"H
Weight:42k lbs
OC Oerlikon Management AG

About OC Oerlikon Management AG

The Oerlikon Group comprises five Segments: Textile, Drive Systems, Vacuum, Coating and Advanced Technologies. The primary areas of activity are production of textile machinery (Textile Segment), drive technology (Drive Systems Segment), protective coatings for precision tools and components (Coating Segment), systems for vacuum production and process gas extraction (Vacuum Segment) and production systems for semiconductor and nanotechnology applications (Advanced Technologies Segment). Each of the Segments holds a leading position in its respective market: No. 1 in coating solutions and the production of textile machinery for manmade fibers, and No. 2 in niche markets for drive systems and in the areas of vacuum and nanotechnology.


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Max Dia. Gear: 12.6 "
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