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    Optical Gaging Products, Inc. (OGP)

    ogp designs and manufactures precision multi-sensor and non-contact coordinate measuring systems used for dimensional inspection. systems from ogp are used daily in over 40 countries to help manufacturers improve quality. ogp products provide solutions for applications in the automotive, aerospace, ceramic, clinical, electronic, semiconductor, plastics, biomedical, and metalworking industries, among others. ogp is recognized as a premier supplier of multi-sensor and non-contact measuring instruments around the world. ogp people have the experience and skills you can trust. specialists who design and manufacture the mechanics, optics, electronics, and software used in ogp products. people who offer practical, cost-effective solutions. people who don't accept anything less than the highest standards of quality. in today's world, you can't afford to be at the start of the technology curve. it's important to partner with a company that has the experience to provide the right solutions for all your measurement needs. a company like ogp. ogp is a quality vision international company.

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