• Product Overview

    La combinación de las líneas de envasado FLASH, con las Prensas PH y Dosificadores, permite crear líneas de envasado. Con dispensadores automáticos de botes, mesas transportadoras, colocadores de tapas, así como distintos sistemas de dosificación, según la viscosidad y reología del producto.

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  • About Company

    Oliver + Batlle is a family company with a worldwide presence, developing production equipment and turnkey plant solutions for paint, coatings, inks and adhesive industries. With an area of 14,000 m2 and a team of 110 people at its headquarters in Badalona Spain, Oliver + Batlle acts in 4 business areas: agitation, grinding, filling and engineering projects for the entire range of products manufactured by our customers. Throughout history, Oliver + Batlle has developed products and markets, has acquired companies and technology, expanding its sales network and service capability to achieve a unique position with the most complete offer in the market in terms of technology quality and comprehensive service. For more information visit: www.oliverbatlle.com

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