• Product Overview

    Mass-produced machines and customized accor- ding to the specific requirements of the Client in order to carry out the following operations:
    -Inward/outward beading
    -Inward/outward ribbing
    -Inward/outward curling
    -Inward/outward flanging
    -Lock-seaming with 3 or 5 thicknesses of containers.
    on round and polygonal drawn parts or roll-bended cylinders.
    All OMERA trimming-beading machine models can be equipped with specific motors according to the kind of job to be performed and with working units driven by pneumatic-hydraulic, hydraulic and/or bru- shless electric systems.

    Model Brochure (494 KB)

  • About Company

    The growth of technical expertise in the best resources combined with rapid technological evolution in oil pressure technology, electronics, telematics, and componentry has allowed us to change from yesterday's role as solver of single problems to a modern proposer of integrated solution systems.

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