CNV 500
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    39.37 "
  • Product Overview

    The machine we present is a CNC lathe Specifically Studied for the machining of valves.
    The CNV series is a numerical control lathe Which Allows turning, boring, drilling and tapping. The machine Consists of longitudinal ranked # 1 RANKED # 1 wagon with side carriage moving ranked # 2 turrets. The machine can have turrets ranked # 2 to the vertical or horizontal axis, with 4 tool positions for turning and drilling operations or 12 positions tools for turning, drilling and tapping with driven tools. Further deep drilling units with HSK, driven by specific axis, Allows the execution of the largest holes.
    The machine has a very robust design with a 3-iron bench guides and a well sized head with spindle ASA 11 "or 15". The C axis with a brake controlled by an encoder, Allows the correct positioning of the mandrel the execution of the holes on the valve flange.
    The machine is equipped with 1 or 2 chips conveyors and a idrodivisore spindle in function of the size of the valve.
    1. BASE
    Bench type MEEHANITE cast iron with 4 +1 induction hardened and ground guides
    2. HEAD
    The body is made of cast iron with high rigidity and resistance characteristics to the axial thrust and the damping of vibrations.
    Special steel spindle Ni.Cr.Mo., houses hardened, ground and assembled with high precision roller bearings
    automatic lubrication
    Spindle motor into alternating current air cooled
    3. BATTLE
    The longitudinal carriages (Z axis) and transverse (x-axis), have hardened and ground guides induzione./li>
    The chariot movement is realized by axis motors assembled with screws ball screw and preloaded.
    The guides are lubricated by forced lubrication system
    to lose lubrication system for the guides and ball screws, with automatic and volumetric dosing system.
    Spindle bearings lubricated with electric pump and closed circuit
    The cabinet and all wiring on the machine are made with first-class components and in compliance with the EC Regulations
    All electrical components are manufactured by leading international companies to Ensure maximum performance and durability.
    To program, the keyboard and the video of the CN, are mounted on the sliding cover in full length for a correct positioning of the worker.
    Ensure safety and to limit the loss of swarf and coolant, the machine is equipped with a fixed back protection with window / door Which Provides access to the work area for easy set-up.
    The sliding the casing in front of the machine have a window made ​​with two sheets 2: an internal scratch-resistant tempered glass, easily cleanable and replaceable; the other external, polycarbonate, suitably dimensioned to withstand any projection of metal parts.
    The work area is revealed adequately illuminated.
    Made with pumps, accessories and modular valves of first quality marks, Guarantees the spindle control idrodivisore

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  • About Company

    The "OMG Zanoletti Srl" was founded in 1965 as a manufacturer for third parties. Its founder Attilio Zanoletti, from the strong principle of work experience Gained important companies in mechanical and driven by the ambition to "do something for her," he thinks to build a prestigious machine tool. Thus was born, in the late '60s, the first parallel lathe OMG, Which quickly established itself on the market for its high product quality and innovation of the instantaneous velocity change. Since then the lathe OMG Zanoletti is Recognized as the highest expression of quality, precision and reliability in the field. I do not pay the successes Achieved in 1978 after a brief but useful experience in the construction of hydraulic machines, combining tradition and innovative capacity, OMG Zanoletti launches new range of CNC lathes with inclined bed. Always attentive to market demands, in 1994 the OMG Zanoletti puts into production the new self-learning range of NC lathes to meet the needs of Those Who do not they have production of high numbers, but Also require high quality. from the beginning the property has Remained in the hands of Zanoletti family and is currently run by Renato and Marco Fontana Fontana, son and grandson of the founder. In 2009 OMG Zanoletti has made its entry into the world of heavy turning presenting at the EMO trade fair the first lathe to 4 guides, 20m between centers, 20 Ton capacity. In July 2010 OMG Zanoletti has acquired a historic brand of medium / heavy European machine tool: PBR Perico Baroni Raimondi founded in 1946. With this acquisition, OMG ZANOLETTI has Strengthened its presence in the field of heavy turning and continued to invest in the development of products coming to the presentation of new lathes OMG-PBR numerical control with self-learning, center height 600 and 700 mm. and 'thanks to These continuous investments That OMG-PBR is now incendio proposed to complete and technologically advanced range in the field of horizontal turning, unique in Europe, with returns ranging from Ø250mm to Ø1000mm high peaks, with peaks distances from 1.5m up to 30m and capacities up to 50 tons.

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