OMG TP 250

  • Product Overview

    The lathes are presenting are designed to solve important technical and economic problems. Therefore, we thought to machines equipped not only of robustness, power, ease of handling, high precision, but also of centralized controls and instantaneous variation of the spindle speed.
    Instantaneous speed variation means saving about one hour per day and less fatigue for the 'operator. All gears (head, norton, cart, apron) are Cr.Ni.Mo. steel, forged, stabilized, cemented, hardened and ground.
    BENCH: Cast iron MEEHANITE jacketed U-shape flip, large bearing surface. The sliding guides, induction hardened (500 Brinell) and ground on high precision machine, are protected. From the side of the head it is made ​​the natural gap with depth 100 mm.
    CARRIAGE: Cast iron MEEHANITE , well-sized, it runs on prismatic guides of the pallet to which it is coupled with great precision. The game between the wagon and guides is eliminated by robust adjustable gibs. The upper Carrino can rotate 360 °. All the guides are induction hardened and ground.
    APRON: It is completely waterproof and oil bath. Contains the kinematic mechanisms for both the advancements, the pump for the lubrication of the sliding guides, the device preventing to graft simultaneously advances and the lead screw, a large vernier for reading of the longitudinal advances and so control the machining to shoulder.
    BOX NORTHON: Fully enclosed and in oil bath, fitted with overload protection, it allows the selection of hundreds of threads on the metric system, Whitworth, modular, diametral pitch, also included 19 threads per inch without any change of gear.
    ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: A low voltage, is placed in a drying cabinet, airtight. The material is original MOELLER ELECTRIC.
    HEAD: It is a carefully ribbed block, robust structure, made of special heat treated cast iron. It contains all the organs for the change of speed and a double-plate clutch for reversal of the direction of travel. The spindle is mounted on bearings "GAMET" or rollers of high precision "TIMKEN", lubricated by oil pressure. The speeds are selected directly on a large panel located in front of the operator.

  • About Company

    The "OMG Zanoletti Srl" was founded in 1965 as a manufacturer for third parties. Its founder Attilio Zanoletti, from the strong principle of work experience Gained important companies in mechanical and driven by the ambition to "do something for her," he thinks to build a prestigious machine tool. Thus was born, in the late '60s, the first parallel lathe OMG, Which quickly established itself on the market for its high product quality and innovation of the instantaneous velocity change. Since then the lathe OMG Zanoletti is Recognized as the highest expression of quality, precision and reliability in the field. I do not pay the successes Achieved in 1978 after a brief but useful experience in the construction of hydraulic machines, combining tradition and innovative capacity, OMG Zanoletti launches new range of CNC lathes with inclined bed. Always attentive to market demands, in 1994 the OMG Zanoletti puts into production the new self-learning range of NC lathes to meet the needs of Those Who do not they have production of high numbers, but Also require high quality. from the beginning the property has Remained in the hands of Zanoletti family and is currently run by Renato and Marco Fontana Fontana, son and grandson of the founder. In 2009 OMG Zanoletti has made its entry into the world of heavy turning presenting at the EMO trade fair the first lathe to 4 guides, 20m between centers, 20 Ton capacity. In July 2010 OMG Zanoletti has acquired a historic brand of medium / heavy European machine tool: PBR Perico Baroni Raimondi founded in 1946. With this acquisition, OMG ZANOLETTI has Strengthened its presence in the field of heavy turning and continued to invest in the development of products coming to the presentation of new lathes OMG-PBR numerical control with self-learning, center height 600 and 700 mm. and 'thanks to These continuous investments That OMG-PBR is now incendio proposed to complete and technologically advanced range in the field of horizontal turning, unique in Europe, with returns ranging from Ø250mm to Ø1000mm high peaks, with peaks distances from 1.5m up to 30m and capacities up to 50 tons.

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