P&S M60-85-40

  • Specs
    Upper or Lower Dies
  • Product Overview

    Angle=85 degree
    Height =60 mm
    Max T = 100 t/m

    Precision Press Brake Tooling for full series Amada Press Brakes.
    Material: 42CrMo (42CrMo4)
    Hardness: 47+/-2 HRC
    Tolerance: 0.02mm

    General sections for Amada press brake tooling :
    Upper punch :100(left),10,15,20,40,50,200,300,100(right)=835mm
    Lower die :10,15,20,40,50,100,200,400=835m
    Used on AMADA press brake ( bending machine) for bending aluminum ,mild steel, stainless steel .
    2500mm press brake need 835mm * 3 pcs
    3100mm press brake need 835mm * 4 pcs
    Features :
    The high precision (tolerance +/-0.02mm) of tooling is the most important for amada press brake tooling and the second one is hardness which for amada press brake tooling is 47+/-2 HRC (Rockswell),and the hardness for amada press brake tooling is uniform distribution.
    sections of amada press brake tooling lead you to split joint pieces with pieces to get the length you want ( that is not 835mm ),
    for example , you have 10mm ,15mm,20mm, then you split them joint together to be length 45mm tooling .
    Pricing :
    Our prices for Amada Press Brake Tooling is much lower than the original prices from Amada company .

  • About Company
    Maanshan Press And Shear Machinery Co ., Ltd.

    We are manufacturing all kinds of press brake tooling and guillotine shear blade , circular blade and punch press tools .

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