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    Providing the most accurate, productive, and profitable parts are essential to operation. Successful fabricators currently use the AFPS-643/623 to automate angle iron and flat stock processing with one machine that can deliver accurate, finished parts in seconds. A typical 6" x 6" x 5/8” clip angle with twelve holes, can be punched, marked, and sheared to a finished length in less than one minute.

    Shim plates, cap plates and similar connections can be processed in no time; with the AFPS-643/623, change over time is less than 5 minutes, by simply changing the shear blade.

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    Peddinghaus Corporation

    Since 1903 Peddinghaus Corporation has proudly served the steel construction, plate fabrication, and metal working industries with the most innovative equipment on the market. Under its fourth generation of Peddinghaus family management, Peddinghaus is dedicated to engineering expertise focused on machine productivity, efficiency and innovation.

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