PEG 10

  • Product Overview

    Compression seal is one of the main factors which determine the efficiency of internal combustion engines. This makes the valves and their seats of fundamental importance and if they are worn the efficiency of the engine is reduced.

    The machine is built with high precision parts, reducing to a minimum errors due to slack in the connection of the components. The eccentric shaft is housed inside the motor shaft and has fixed eccentricity. Its supports are ground and the pilot pin hole is precision bored. The rotating parts are accurate by balanced and loaded to prevent axial or radial play on the bearings. The set of globoid screw gears is situated in the upper part of the machine with the micrometic feed register above it. The grindwheel spindle is ground. Strict control and testing are carried out to ensure that each machine is precision built to a high standard. To make provision for the range of engines currently available the regrinding system comprises a number of models to meet all requirements.
    Each machine is provided with a wide range of self-centering pilot pins and grindwheels complete with a dressing device. Each set is supplied in a metal box.

  • About Company

    PEG brand was established in 1968 and has since become synonymous with valve seat grinders. In all these, thanks to the knowledge and the professionalism of its technicians, the company has managed to dominate the world market with its products and has added to the valve seat grinders a number of useful machine tools and equipment for reconditoning of cylinder heads. The accuracy and reliability of its machinery, the competence of the technicians and the quick response to customers needs, have led PEG brand to be a world leader in its sector.

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