PEG RV 3000

  • Product Overview

    The RV3000 valve refacer marks a new phase in valve refacing. It`s double "V" operation, instead of the traditional use of pliers or chucks, brings to very accurate results and is extremely easy. The peculiar valve locking system can be applied on a wide range of engines.

  • About Company

    PEG brand was established in 1968 and has since become synonymous with valve seat grinders. In all these, thanks to the knowledge and the professionalism of its technicians, the company has managed to dominate the world market with its products and has added to the valve seat grinders a number of useful machine tools and equipment for reconditoning of cylinder heads. The accuracy and reliability of its machinery, the competence of the technicians and the quick response to customers needs, have led PEG brand to be a world leader in its sector.

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