• Specs
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    Work Capacity
    1.575 "
    Grinding Wheel Dia.
    13.78 "
    Regulating Wheel Dia
    9.843 "
  • Product Overview

    1. Features:
    1.1 Grinding wheel and Regulating wheel
    1.1.1.Structure of fixed grinding wheel and movable regulating wheel
    1.1.2.The grinding wheel designed in cantilever type, and its spindle adopted multi-plate long bearing bushed static-hydrodynamical oil film bearing.
    1.1.3.Cantilevered regulating wheel, the spindle supports solid bearing sliding with 1:30 taper.
    1.1.4.The swallow tailed roller guideway & differential screw supports the regulating wheel feeding
    1.2.1.AC frequency converter is used for regulating wheel speed control .
    1.2.2.Hydraulic transmission & stepless speed regulation are adopted on regulating wheel & grinding wheel dresser.
    1.3. Machine body and design
    1.3.1. Equipped automatic plunge device in the grinder.
    1.3.2. Iron casting with high rigidity, natural aging.

    2.Technical Data:
    1)Grinding diameter 2-40mm
    2)Grinding length 140mm
    Plunge feed
    1)Grinding diameter 7-40mm
    2)Grinding length 120mm
    Grinding wheel specifications PSA350*125*127mm
    Regulating wheel specifications PSA250*125*75mm
    Grinding wheel speed 1870r/min
    Regulating wheel speed(stepless) 20-180r/min
    Swiveling angle of regulating wheel
    1)In vertical plane -2°~ 4°
    2)In horizontal plane 0°~ 3°
    Feed amount per division of the feed handwheel 0.002mm
    Feed amount per division of the dresser 0.01mm
    Height from centerline of gri.wheel & reg.wheel to workrest 190mm
    Total power of machine 9kw
    1)Grinding wheel motor 7.5kw
    2)Regulating wheel motor 1.1kw
    Overall dimensions 1550*1300*1405mm
    Machine weight about 2000kg
    Machining accuracy
    1)Roundness 0.002mm
    2)Cylindricity 0.003mm
    3)Surface Roughness Ra0.32um

  • About Company

    Wuxi PHOESONG machine tool manufacturing has been built since 2006 and employs 180 people, which is one of the largest manufacturers specialized in R&D, designing and manufacturing of centerless grinding machines, NC centerless grinding machines and bearing grinding machines. The machines are used in many industries, such as automotive, agricultural machinery, heavy machinery, bearing, tools and so on.   The company locates in Wuxi, Jiangsu, next to Suzhou and Changzhou, one-hour train to Shanghai and Nanjing, covering 26000 sqm, easy of access to G312 and S342.   Wuxi PHOESONG adopts ISO9001 Quality Management System and employs experienced and technical engineers and workers, supplying with high technology support.   Wuxi PHOESONG has won applause from PHOESONG customers and clients based on PHOESONG’s expertise and professionalism, high quality, precision, reliability and service support.   Wuxi PHOESONG owns machines machinery and high precision testing equipment, insuring quality and precision. We are being the largest private manufacturer specialized in centerless grinding machine and expert on centerless grinding machine, substitute for international cenetrless grinder brands.

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