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    The line is designed for connection to the most efficient log band saw type CTR 1000 H. The accelerated fully mechanized handling of material significantly increases the productivity of the machine and saves the labor costs. As compared with the standard version, it must be equipped with the Sawn Timber Removal the Hydraulically operated elevating feed roller, which serve to transport the timber to the XRB 1000 belt conveyor.

    CTR 1000 H The very robust machine structure allows for installation of powerful hydraulic accessories that easily handles even very heavy timber.Two way guidance of the bridge frame on the travel section in combination with a strong motor allows smooth and quick pulling of even heavy pieces being cut while using the sawn timber material feeder.The machine is equipped with rapid travel of the bridge frame with automatic deceleration at end positions.The extension sections with cutting lengths of 3 metres allow an installation of hydraulic accessories according specific requirements.The basic travel section and the extension sections are equipped with many clamping points for installation of hydraulic accessories, which allows large flexibility in terms of the specific requirements.
    XRA 3000 Log feeder XRA 3000 Log feeder A log container (length 3 m) enables bedding of the logs with the total weight up to 10,000 kg and their safe, fast and convenient feeding by means of chains separately controlled by strong hydro motors. The tilt able feeder, by means of which the log is transported to the CTR 1000 H band saw, has besides its tilting function also movable chains controlled by a separate hydromotor. This enables the log to “gently bear “ against the machine bed, which increases its overall life. The log container can be provided with a 3 meter extension section with separate hydromotors.
    XRB 1000 Belt conveyor XRB 1000 Belt conveyor The belt conveyor enables fast and easy transport of the timber to the XRC 7000 sorting table. The motor of the transport belt drive is controlled via a frequency converter, which enables the setting of the optimum velocity of timber feeding.
    XRC 7000 Sorting table XRC 7000 Sorting table The timber not intended for further working is pushed off the table by means of tilt able laths. The timber intended for further working (edging) slips to the feed conveyor of the XRD 600 edger saw when the roller table is lifted. The roller table is hydraulically controlled.
    XRD 600 Edger saw XRD 600 Edger saw - Heavy duty body
    - PLC circular saw setting controll - two modes step/stepless
    - High performance - value
    - Laser for fixed circular saw
    - Laser for movable circular saw
    - Outfeed table with rollers d=60x500mm
    - Infeed roller support
    - Infeed speed - stepless VFD controll 5-30m/min

    Dust and waste Inside pit
    XRE 500 Trim saw XRE 500 Trim saw The trim saw is connected to the outlet conveyor of the edger saw and serves to cut the edged timber to the required length. The cutting wheel is fed to the cutting position manually.
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