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    Polygon’s GT series rotary broach tool holder is the perfect solution for lathes, mills and turning machines. Less clunky than traditional screw machine era broach holders, Polygon’s innovative rotary broach holder streamlines the set-up process and includes new features to save you time and money.
    The broach holder has a free turning spindle that holds a rotary broach fastened with a simple set screw at a one degree angle to the pilot hole. As the broach turns or rotates with the part, each tooth eventually makes contact in a helical motion. As the broach is fed into the pilot hole, eventually the full form is cut. The same holder works in a mill.

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    Polygon Solutions Inc.

    Polygon Solutions Inc. manufactures and distributes rotary broaching tools for turning machines, including CNC lathes and screw machines. • Hexagon Rotary Broaches (also called a wobble broach) • Square Rotary Broaches • Six Lobe (Hexalobular) Rotary Broaches • Rotary Broach Holders • Rotary Broach Gages • Rotary Broaching Brakees • Serration Rotary Broaches • Spline Rotary Broaches • Custom Rotary Broaches

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